Permeable nail polish, intended for the embellishment of Muslim women

Sale of permeable nail polish called "halal" allowing to validate its ablutions offers every Muslim woman the opportunity to rigorously perform her ablutions, without the need to remove her nail polish. But not only, provides many tips and tricks for the embellishment of women in Islam.

Discover microporous permeable nail polishes, offers any Muslim woman the opportunity to perfect the beauty of her nails, in respect of religion. In accordance with the requirements of the Halal Institute, the permeable nail polish will give your nails all the grace and elegance they deserve. Microporous, permeable nail polish is ideal for performing your ablutions, each drop of water can then touch your skin. Breathable, permeable nail polishes are not blackout, they allow oxygen to cross the nail, allowing it to breathe. No need for solvent to remove your polish before your ablutions, you will now keep healthy, fortified and manicured nails!

A plethora of tips

Browse a blog filled with many tips, tutorials and news for the embellishment of the Muslim woman and permeable nail polish. Discover how to easily make a French manicure? Or how to pamper your feet before summer? Professional tips and tricks to guide you in the quest for well-being and perfect beauty.

Many manicure accessories for your nails, and your permeable nail polishes

Find on everything you need to lay and decorate your permeable nail polish. A wide range of accessories is available, in addition to many files, polishers, cuticle cutters or a large amount of nail art and stickers. What to prepare your nails, embellish your permeable nail polish to make it always more beautiful, and in adequacy with your personality.

Dare the elegance and refinement of a permeable nail polish

Available on, gift boxes composed of fabulous permeable nail polish. Let yourself be pampered by the colours of Dubai, and dare the elegance of the black "Soumaya", the refinement of the red "Anissa", then the delicacy of the green "Yasmine".

The permeable nail polishes offered do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, alcohol or any element of animal origin.


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