What is a soluble nail polish?

What is a soluble nail polish?

When we talk about the beauty of women, nail polish plays a big role. For the Muslim woman, things get tough because she needs a nail polish that does not prevent her from being able to perform her ablutions: in short she wants a halal nail polish. This is where soluble nail polishes become an excellent alternative.

Soluble nail polishes: nail polishes that come off with water

The principle of soluble nail polishes is to disappear once you pass your hands under water (rubbing a little anyway). Indeed, the composition of this type of cosmetics indicates less chemicals and water can thus more easily erase the traces of this nail polish. It should be noted that many brands have chosen to offer soluble nail polish and many have decided to access this segment tin order to get to the interested girls and teenage girls. Indeed, they often claim to be able to polish the nails with the nail polish of their moms, in particular. So by being soluble, the nail polish can offer an ephemeral side and does not require having to use solvent to remove it.

Regarding the Muslim woman, she can only be delighted to beautify her nails and only have to wash her hands to remove her nail polish. Ablutions are only facilitated by this soluble nail polish. To seduce its target, the market then has a plethora of colours and styles, from the most colourful models to the most sequined. However, if the fingers are put in the mouth, the saliva dissolves the nail polish which will be ingested. So caution is needed ...As regards money, it is true that the price can be considered high but a saving is made with the absence of solvent.

Faced with permeable nail polishes and soluble nail polishes, traditional nail polishes therefore need to worry. Besides, could they ever disappear? Because in the field of beauty, the new things are so numerous that we must succeed in renewing ourselves to continue to exist.

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