Beauty in the world

Beauty in the world

Beauty in the world

De belles boucles naturellement

Symboles de féminité et de glamour, les cheveux bouclés ont le vent en poupe. Mais comment les rendre parafirement structurés? En lire davantage...

Beauty in the world

The human being is naturally attracted by beauty, the eye widens when it is subjugated by the beauty of a landscape, a car, a villa, a painting ... are all of us attracted by the same things? "Everything is relative" you will say. And you are right! En lire davantage...

The art of Kintsukuroi

Kintsukuroi is the art of repairing porcelain or ceramic pottery with gold (or silver). More precisely with lacquer encrusted with gold powder. En lire davantage...

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Product rated : Hasna Permeable raspberry nail polish Super produits ! Je valide...

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Product rated : Permeable White NutriColor Nail Polish Parfait je recommande ce blanc
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