You know why we say of a woman that she is beautiful until the tips of the nails ? Because his varnish has a lot to do ! Used to embellish or nourish the nails, this cosmetic product is available in thousands of colors. There is something for everyone, even if he does not eat (normally...). Awesome !


It was once the nail varnish...

There are centuries and centuries back, it was arguing the merit of its creation. In fact, Chinese, Japanese, and Italians were persuaded to be at the origin. Mixture varied enough beeswax, powder pink, alum or gum Arabic, the varnish of that time did covered not only the nail but also the tip of the finger. Moreover, in some societies, the nuances were synonyms of belonging to such or such social class.


When the modern mixes

From the 70's and 80's, we find lacquer glitter, metallic, and out of the ordinary. The bottle with brush made its appearance. The shades very flashy grow. Who has not already seen the yellow nails chick ? But the transparent, more discreet are not left out. You can choose a lacquer finish or impact resistant. The red nail Polish is a great classic. However, it is often recommended to match her nails to the color of her outfit, however, forget the tone black on black especially. Otherwise this will give you an air of gothic without adhering to it ! It would be a shame...


But as said at the beginning of this article, paints are not made to beautify the nails. They protect them, feed them. Some have the advantage of hardening the nail, the other to make it shine. There are the anti-duplication, anti-breakage, or even nails soft. Also, it would be possible to mention the nail varnish to do more nail-biting. The bitter taste with the aim to stop this bad habit.


So your varnish... halal!